“If you had lied to me and told me this was store-bought ground beef, I would have believed you.” So says my friend John as we stand in his kitchen, experimenting with the newly revamped Impossible Burger, which will begin to show up in some restaurants this week. Later this year, the plant-based burger will also be available in grocery stores for the first time. As a longtime vegetarian, I’ve recruited John–who is serious enough about his meat that he and a group of friends buy a side of grass-fed, grass-finished beef each year from a ranch in Wyoming–to try cooking the new ground “meat.” In taste tests, Impossible says, consumers ranked the new recipe as highly as conventional ground beef; they also liked it nearly three times more than the original Impossible Burger. (Tasters did not know that they were eating plant-based meat.) [Photo: Impossible Foods] “This burger has better flavor and texture,” says David Lee, COO and CFO of Impossible Foods. “It’s a beefier taste. It’s juicier. It’s meatier.” Like the previous recipe, the food uses a plant-based version of heme , a molecule found in blood, which helps the burger avoid tasting anything like a traditional […]


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