Costa Rica is one of the top 5 of countries in the world leading the way in renewable resources. It might be tiny but it has a huge impact environmentally. Since 2014 the country’s energy has come from 99 percent renewable sources and running on 100% renewable energy for more than two months twice in the last two years. Then, since June 2017 they have been set on eradicating single-use plastic by 2021-The first country in the world to do so. And now, in the summer of 2018, the country announced their aims to be completely carbon-neutral by the year 2021 – To be the first completely carbon-free country in the world. Pretty impressive! “With its rich biodiversity, Costa Rica has also demonstrated far-sighted environmental leadership by pursuing reforestation, designating a third of the country protected natural reserves, and deriving almost all of its electricity from clean hydro power.” – Stiglitz Since the 1980s the government realized that nature is Costa Rica’s main asset and has therefore made every effort to protect it: including, among other things, zoo closures, reforestation, and establishing protected areas (25% of the total surface area of the country). “Basing [electricity] generation on renewable resources […]


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