On the day after Christmas, Elon Musk took to Twitter to spread good news about electric cars, the Tesla Model 3, and the Supercharger network. “Most people don’t know that the Tesla Supercharger network allows easy long distance travel throughout USA, most of Europe, Canada and China,” he tweeted. Most importantly, every electric car, Tesla or otherwise, matters to the environment we all share. Every time someone chooses electric, the future gets a little bit brighter! If not Tesla, please take a look at these other options: https://t.co/FZVNlGWYgA — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 26, 2018 Do you know any other company that gives people a list of its competitors? Cuz we searched our archives down in the basement of the CleanTechnica World Headquarters building and couldn’t find any. We keep all those important files right next to the climate-controlled room where we keep the Vueve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne we serve after our weekly squash match. Now that the Model 3 is headed to Europe, interested buyers are curious what Tesla and Elon Musk have up their sleeve with regard to building out the Supercharger system on the Old Continent. Paul Kelly, who lives in Ireland and is expecting […]


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