You know baby goats are adorable, but what else do you know about these dog-like critters? (Photo: corlaffra/Shutterstock) Baby goats are as cute as puppies. When you see one, you just want to pick it up and cuddle it and take it home. In fact, researchers found that goats are more like dogs than we thought. They’ll look people in the eye when they’re frustrated with a task and could use a little help, according to a study published in Biology Letters . So we know they’re cute and dog-like. What else do we know about these doe-eyed creatures? Here are lots of interesting goat facts. 1. Goats were the first livestock species to be domesticated, about 10,000 years ago. Goat remains have been found at archaeological sites in western Asia dating back about 9,000 years, according to the National Zoo . 2. Goats prefer happy faces. In a simple experiment , researchers put photographs on the wall at a goat sanctuary of the same face — one happy and one angry. The goats tended to avoid the angry faces and approach the happy ones. Said study lead author Christian Nawroth : "Here, we show for the first time […]


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