CC BY 2.0 Coca Cola bottling plant Columbus, Ohio This won’t solve the climate crisis, but it could help direct air capture of CO2 to scale up. I recently wrote about the idea that negative emissions technologies like direct air capture of CO2—once thought largely speculative and way too expensive—may actually be on the verge of commercial viability . True, there are many obstacles still to overcome, but companies like Climeworks are already successfully capturing emissions ; they just need to bring the cost down far enough that they can start to put a dent in atmospheric carbon. (Climeworks alone has an insanely lofty goal of capturing the equivalent of 1% of global emissions by 2025.) One way they may be able to finance that is by first partnering with soft drinks companies to carbonate their beverages with CO2 that’s been sucked directly out of the sky. And, as Fast Company reports , Climeworks has just announced a partnership with Coca-Cola to do just that—installing a direct air capture array at a bottling plant for Coca-Cola-owned Valser water. As Fast Company rightly points out, and as anyone who has left a bottle of sparking water open too long knows, […]


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