We’re appealing I’m proud to say that Grist has been ahead of the game on gender and climate for a long time now — from Eve Andrews’ reporting on reproductive rights to the female Fixers featured every year in our Grist 50. We know the important role we play, and we’re using our (girl) power to help tell the story of a better tomorrow. One of the things that struck me most when I began reporting on climate change is the way it uniquely impacts women. A warming world exacerbates social inequities and has a disproportionate impact on those with a closer relationship to the land. Women make up the majority of the world’s poor, and in many places, they are their families’ primary providers of food, water, and energy. This can make women vulnerable. But it also means women have the outsized potential to lead climate solutions that are both green and gender just. Tackling climate change is fantastic for women (for everyone really, but even more so for us, ladies). And empowering women does wonders for the planet. This year, I reported on how creating more green jobs benefits women workers , since renewable energy employs more […]


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