This is leadership … almost. Well, sort of. It’s getting there. We’ve been aching for some real, serious, winning leadership on climate and cleantech matters. Not just “aggressive” 2040 targets, and not procurement of just a few electric buses. We need leadership that pulls the world forward into a cleaner, safer, more livable atmosphere much more quickly. North Vancouver, which is a city … just north of Vancouver , is showing that kind of leadership, or something approaching that kind of leadership. It’s getting there. A tweet from an EV driver in British Columbia led me to the story. North Shore News had a story titled “City of North Van mandates EV charging in all new parking stalls” (“North Van” = North Vancouver). I was thrilled about the leadership and had a slightly different version of the title and intro written, but then I started to suspect that the title was misleading. If North Vancouver did require EV charging stations at every new parking spot, I think that would be the first city to pass such a strong policy, and I think it would make sense for the reasons reportedly explained by Larisa Lensink, environmental sustainability specialist for the […]


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