Wow. Last week, we reported how the American West seems destined to move beyond coal by 2030. Not only that, but the region may actually be generating 100% fossil fuel-free electricity well before 2050. The reason? The economics of coal and natural gas just don’t work anymore. That’s great news for our climate, clean air and water, and for the future of the western U.S. Even better news is that while utilities are moving fast from fossil fuels, they seem to be picking up the pace. After our report last week, more huge energy news came down with big implications for the American West, including: Colorado Springs Utilities is Shutting Down the Martin Drake Power Plant Last week, Colorado Springs Utilities announced plans to shut down its Martin Drake coal-fired power plant before 2023 . We previously flagged that the municipal utility, which serves Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding communities, had been surprisingly quiet on its future plans for the downtown coal-fired power plant . This news is a big deal and it means the people of Colorado Springs are finally going to get some relief from this dirty power plant. It’s also good news for ratepayers, who stand […]


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