The Caribbean island of Barbados is now one of the world’s top users of electric vehicles. Much the this is down to local entrepreneur Jo Edghill and her husband Simon Richards, the co-founders of Megapower . This Barbadian company has been pioneering electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the Caribbean region since 2013, after Jo returned from living abroad in Australia, China, England and Papua New Guinea to launch the company. Megapower is not a traditional garage, offering a range of renewable energy services to complement its electric vehicles. The team focuses on bringing EV, charging infrastructure and solar energy to the Caribbean, working across the region from Trinidad to The Bahamas and with customers including governments, electric utilities and the private sector. Leading by example, the company’s own offices were taken entirely off-grid this year, and Jo parks her own electric vehicle (a BMW i3) under a modular solar carport designed by her team. Jo Edghill (center) with two EV customers and their BMW i3s, Marla Dukharan of Bitt Inc. (left) and Marsha Lewis of LCI Inc. (right). Megapower Ltd. James Ellsmoor : Congratulations on your successes so far! Can you start by telling us what inspired you to launch […]


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