It’s easy to feel discouraged by the current pace of climate action, or rather, inaction. In truth, new reports and scientific evidence paint a bleak picture of the state of global climate change. It doesn’t help that the leader of our nation refuses to believe in science and continues to proactively work against environmental protections. This holiday season, you can contribute to true change makers , leading the way for meaningful action and with a commitment to ensuring a safe and livable future. With just one click, you can take action on helping solve the climate crisis, and there’s something in it for you, too . One nonprofit is raising one million dollars to further its campaign to put a price on carbon pollution in states across the US, and it is offering a pretty great return for your contribution — the chance to win one of three brand new Tesla’s. US residents can enter here . Non-US resident, sorry, but the complexities of raffle law exclude you. Climate XChange is a Boston-based nonprofit founded with a mission to help pass carbon pollution pricing in the US. Carbon pricing is a proven and effective policy tool to decentivize fossil […]


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