Fully Charged is a YouTube series that’s been going 8 years, growing steadily but let’s be honest, is a niche channel. I want to point out now, and okay, this has an element of boasting attached, but Top Gear (the magazine, not the TV show) and Fully Charged were the only Brits given access to a super early test drive of the 2020 VW ID. Okay, there were a couple of German journalists and us but this was super exclusive. I spent the evening in conversation with Frank Welsch, director of technical development at VW who explained in detail the ideas behind the completely new MEB platform (Modularer Elektrobaukasten). VW haven’t just adapted an existing model and shoved some batteries in like the VW e-Golf. This system is the single but adaptable basis of an entirely new range of VW electric vehicles, from a car similar in size to the VW Golf, up to larger saloon cars and the iconic VW ID Buzz, the camper van style minibus Jonny Smith drove on a previous Fully Charged episode. However, unlike many other German manufacturer they haven’t started their electrified range with big, high cost SUV’s. The car I test drove […]


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