This article was published in The Beam #7 — Subscribe now for more on the topic. Climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time. Environmental toxicity arising out of chemical agriculture in the state of Punjab in India inspired me to meet with organic farmers, wildlife conservationists and tribal artists, and share their story with the world. Each of them speak the same truth: “Earth is a living consciousness.” Organic farmers want insects, birds, and snakes to be protected, wildlife conservationists want forests and natural ecosystems to flourish, and tribal painters bring these aspirations together by creating beautiful Tree of Life paintings. This is what my documentary Bhoomitra (Friends of Earth) is about. Photo: Bhoomitra In 2011, I discovered that there were river dolphins in the River Beas, which is 30 kms from my hometown of Tarn Taran in Punjab. I had lived there for 30 years and never known about them. That’s when I realized how little knowledge I had about the biodiversity of my region. I quickly decided to contribute to working for their conservation and started organizing school trips with children to the River Beas, and working with non-governmental organizations in the […]


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