The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show is over and leaves us with a few questions, observations, and trends to report back. In this first part, we take a look at startups and how they go head to head against more established carmakers, as well as the difference between the media days and public days. In part 2, we will look more closely at traditional carmakers. After an LA Automobility week where carmakers and a few startups show the media their best face, the public LA Auto Show sometimes shows very different displays and cars. This year it highlighted how many carmakers are still struggling with the electrification of their platforms and how the public views it. I was really left wondering why so many carmakers show the media one thing and the public another? Of course, that just goes for the major established automakers, not the startups highlighted above and below ( Byton and Rivian ). By now, we could expect more electric vehicles, or at least a good mixture of electric vehicles and gasmobiles, at such a show. It was intriguing to see that some traditional carmakers showed no plug-ins. Others seemed to hide plug-ins. Only a few […]


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