Is This The Beginning Of The Asian EV Invasion? The first Chinese super electric vehicle from Qiantu, a name which is Chinese for dragonfly, is about to hit the road in the US. Its K50, developed in partnership with Mullen Technologies, is not the only news, though. You might not have heard of Qiantu , or its parent company CH-Auto , before now. Nonetheless, the Chinese EV maker is about to strike a high note by bringing the first Chinese exotic EV to US roads. After months of talking to Mullen Technologies , we are happy to report that CH-Auto turned to the discreet Californian startup for its cooperation agreement to homologate and assemble cars in the US for sales in North America. I could tell from meeting with Mullen Technologies CEO and Chairman David Michery a few months ago that his enthusiasm and car aficionado background was hard to contain. Although we couldn’t reveal anything at the time, David told me that we’d finally have an exotic EV at a luxury sports EV price. I also met Daniel Daracour, Vice President of Design and Chief Designer at Qiantu, at LA Automobility 2018 two weeks ago, getting a better […]


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