The need for a waste management solution has never been more pressing. The statistics surrounding our trash are staggering: people are buying plastic bottles at a rate of one million per minute . By 2050, it’s estimated the ocean will contain more plastic , by weight, than fish. And while efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle might be making a dent in those numbers, a whopping 91 percent of plastic still isn’t recycled . Trash in landfills is poisoning our air, and junk in our oceans is killing our marine life. Figuring out a sustainable solution to our trash issue isn’t a simple task. But Synova , a U.S.-based company with technology and sales offices in Europe and Asia is tackling the problem head-on – they’re turning trash into energy or green chemicals. The innovative approach both solves the problem of waste management and meets our growing need for cleaner power and chemicals. Converting waste to energy isn’t a new idea. The concept behind the solution is simple: strip the waste down to its chemical components and turn it into a fuel to meet our growing demand for power. In theory, the process would reduce landfill volume and create […]


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