As part of the growing global efforts to reduce our dependence on what some perceive as the excesses of certain sectors of the meat industry, a surprisingly competitive range of meat-free alternatives have begun to emerge. The lab-grown meat industry has begun to gain momentum, securing industry leader support , sometimes erupting into debates about how to create space for cell-based meat versus traditional meat for consumers. Now, scientists at Isreal-based Aleph Farms have successfully produced the first steak–thinly-sliced as well–which is both (1) slaughter-free and (2) completely lab-grown, scoring another victory in the clean meat movement. Source: Aleph Farms via Business Insider Although still in the prototype phase, the meat with the surprisingly realistic look, it will still need to undergo some flavor modifications before it has that signature taste that steak lovers around the world enjoy. As Aleph CEO and founder Didier Toubia reported to Business Insider : "The smell was great when we cooked it, exactly the same characteristic flavor as a conventional meat cut," adding about the texture, "It was a little bit chewy, same as meat. We saw and felt the fibers when we cut it with a knife." An Innovative Process Pays Off […]


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