As the 24th global COP climate conference comes to a close in Poland, our mission remains crystal clear: we have to take down the fossil fuel industry and fight for a just 100% renewable energy future. Today , we celebrate a HUGE milestone in the worldwide movement to take down the fossil fuel industry that is driving us to catastrophic climate breakdown. Over 1000 institutions worth almost 8 trillion USD (7 billion Euro) have committed to divest from the world’s biggest oil, coal and gas companies . With the IPCC’s stark warning that we have just two years to keep temperatures from warming above 1.5 C, this is a pivotal moment for the Fossil Free movement to celebrate our rapid progress . And to take stock of the mammoth task still ahead of us all: We have to stop all fossil fuel expansion within the next two years! People power can tip the scales. Watch the video to see what our movement is capable of when we work together! This momentum has been driven by a people-powered grassroots movement – ordinary people like you and me pushing our local institutions to take a stand against the fossil fuel industry […]


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