Tucked into a protected forest within Colombia’s Central Andes, Hotel Cannúa is one of the country’s first sustainable eco-resorts . Inspired by permaculture principles, the remote hillside retreat is built with sustainability-sourced bamboo and compressed earth blocks that were produced on site from the property’s own soil. The eco property was also designed with a rainwater collection system that will allow the hotel to reach its ultimate goal of becoming a zero-waste property. Located in the mountainous region of Antioquia, Hotel Cannúa will offer 18 luxury guests rooms surrounded by 11 expansive acres of natural rolling landscape and forest. The eco-hotel is the first of its kind in this region, standing out for its “holistic approach to sustainability”. The hotel’s ethos is to serve as a serene, nature-based retreat where people can disconnect while enjoying a traditional Colombian “finca” lifestyle. The hotel’s sustainable design was inspired by the incredible landscape that surrounds the property. As such, the materials were chosen based on their sustainable and low-impact properties. The main building material were compressed earth blocks made onsite from the property’s own soil. The structure’s frame and roofing, as well as several interior features, were constructed out of sustainable-sourced bamboo […]


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