Paddleboards and other water sports equipment are made of plastic, which poses a significant environmental threat to oceans. A number of manufacturers are looking for ways to recycle and source for better plastic. Image: starboard Feeling remorseful about the environmental impact of his company, Svein Rasmussen is on a mission to make amends for all the emissions it has produced in 25 years of operations. The Norwegian national began offsetting his company’s annual emissions through a mangrove tree planting project in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar four years ago, he told Eco-Business in a recent interview about Starboard, his Bangkok-based business that produces water sports equipment such as paddleboards and windsurfers. “We’re reducing between 15 and 20 per cent of our emissions, but reductions are incremental and will not get us to zero carbon. But when you plant mangrove trees, that’s when you get momentous change,” Rasmussen said. Mangrove trees, which grow in coastal areas in saltwater, have been found to remove up to five times as much carbon dioxide from the air as rainforest trees, storing it in their leaves, branches and in the soil. Starboard has been planting mangroves to offset an amount of carbon dioxide […]


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