The Mandarin duck in Central Park nipping at a mallard. It is still unknown how exactly the duck, native to East Asia, reached the Pond. Phil McGrew We’re sorry, but this is another article about that pretty duck in Central Park. Within the past month, the Mandarin duck — sometimes called the “ hot duck ” — has become an international celebrity. A living, breathing, quacking meme. It has been difficult to scroll through Twitter without seeing a photo of his magnificent multicolored plumage . Bird watchers were delighted to see a Mandarin duck, native to East Asia, unexpectedly appear in Central Park in October. He has been featured on prime time news and discussed on late-night talk shows . His likeness has been stamped on T-shirts . Even the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party saw him fit for a tweet . On Sunday, he landed on the front page of The Los Angeles Times, which speculated that he was an escapee from a private aviary. With each new burst of media attention, crowds jostled each other around the edge of the Central Park Pond just to catch a glimpse. The duck has been captured at nearly […]


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