KATOWICE, POLAND — When COP24 comes to an end next week, the icon of the climate talks may not be coal , Arnold Schwarzenegger , or even the ever-present risk of total climate catastrophe . Rather, its symbol could end up being a 15-year-old with long blond pigtails. In three short days in Katowice, Poland, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations, spoken at a panel hosted by the World Bank, and received a standing ovation at the Action Hub, an amphitheater set up by the host for less formal discussion. She’s being shuttled from event to event with the type of press attention normally reserved for the British naturalist and TV host Sir David Attenborough. All this attention is for one simple reason: For the past few months, Thunberg has left school every Friday to sit outside the Swedish parliament building in Stockholm, conducting a sometimes solitary protest against her government’s slow movement on climate change. Inspired by the national student walkout in the U.S. against school shootings, in the wake […]


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