Eco-friendly gift wrap can look really chic (Picture: Getty) Last year it was estimated that Brits would throw out 108 million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper . That’s a lot of waste. Even the most well-intentioned of us may be unaware that the wrap we put in recycling isn’t actually recyclable, if it contains plastic, dye, foil, glitter or leftover sticky tape. Most of us aren’t prepared to hand people unwrapped gifts – where’s the joy in that? – so thankfully there are eco-friendly wrapping routes we can take. Handly, most of them are so chic they’ll make it look like Pinterest threw up under your tree. Recycled brown paper Get crafty and make brown paper your own (Picture: Getty) Brown paper is one of your cheapest options, and yet has the most potential to look impressive – you just have to get crafty (see eco decoration ideas at the end of the article). You can get recycled brown paper at your local Post Office – WHSmith does 12 metres for £3.99. Limited budget/don’t have time to mess about with ribbons and foliage? Make it your own with wooden stamps like this set from Hobbycraft (£10 for 13). Stampin’ […]


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