California, already a state leading the way to a renewable future has just passed a historic vote that will see it replace three natural-gas power plants with utility-grade lithium-ion batteries from Tesla . The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 4-1 to approved Pacific Gas & Electric’s proposal that when completed will be the world’s largest battery system. The system is made up of four separate energy storage projects. The vote is particularly important as it is the first time ever that a utility and its regulators have replaced power plants with a renewable energy source. Want to nerd out a bit? @californiapuc just approved battery storage to provide electricity at a retiring gas plant in #SantaClaraCounty . It’s the trifecta of what we need: reliable power from low-carbon sources in existing infrastructure. #cleanenergy — Liane Randolph (@LRandolphCPUC) November 8, 2018 Utility commission sets a challenge to find a renewable replacement The project was initiated when CPUC ordered California’s largest utility company, PG&E, to explore options to replace the soon to be retired Calpine Corp. gas plants. CPUC reportedly pressed on PG&E to find a renewable solution. California has been slowly decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels, particularly […]


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