The architect behind a splayed shipping container house in California has revealed plans for a Canadian lakeside residence, comprising a string of prefabricated modular units. The Anywhere House is set to be completed in Canada’s Alberta province in 2019. It will be the first property built using James Whitaker ‘s prefabricated modular system, which the London-based architect developed following the publication of his Joshua Tree residence – one of Dezeen’s most popular stories in 2017 . "We started receiving enquiries about whether the house could be reproduced en masse, or whether we had a design that could be purchased off the shelf," Whitaker told Dezeen. "People were making enquiries for holiday resorts in Jordan, or a series of Airbnb retreats across the United States, or sometimes just wanting to buy a unique prefabricated holiday house for their land in Aspen or the Hamptons," he added. But the Joshua Tree Residence – which comprises a starburst of white cargo containers – was specific to its desert location and could not be recreated elsewhere, according to Whitaker . "The joy of that project though is taking something that is highly generic and transportable and turning that into something very unique and […]


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