If you need an example of something that is unequivocally bad for the environment, here’s a suggestion: plastic water bottles. One million are sold each minute across the world, and though they’re technically recyclable, only 7% of tossed bottles become new ones. The rest end up in landfills and waterways. Some companies are trying to mitigate this industry’s harm. Evian , for example, has pledged to create all of its plastic bottles from recycled plastic by 2025. And in recent years, the apparel industry has stepped up to make an impact by integrating recycled plastic bottles into supply chains. Adidas is integrating recycled plastic into its shoes , and the clothing startup Aday has developed a jacket spun from 41 reconstituted water bottles . Recycled polyester insulation. [Photo: The North Face] One of the sectors for which incorporating recycled plastic makes the most sense is outdoor gear. That industry began gravitating toward synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic because they were cheap to produce, and performed well in extreme conditions. But manufacturing synthetic threads is as detrimental to the environment as making plastic bottles is. They both, after all, originate as crude oils, and not only are the processes […]


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