Ikea announced in early November that its Canadian stores will accept used furniture in exchange for store credit. Are you at the point in your life where you’re done with your Ikea Billy bookcase ? It may be hard for some to imagine that such a life stage exists, but should you find yourself there, you now have more options for selling your used furniture than posting a quick Craigslist ad. As of November, Canadian Ikea branches will buy back your "gently used" Ikea furniture in return for store credit. It will be sold at a reduced price in the store’s "As Is" section. Ikea Canada’s head of sustainability, Brendan Seale, announced the sell-back service at the Zero Waste Conference in Vancouver on Nov. 8. It’s a way for Ikea "to reduce the amount of waste that’s connected to our business," he told HuffPost Canada. The program is specific to Canada for now, but the company runs similar initiatives in a few other countries, including Portugal and Japan. Ikea Tackles Waste By Reducing Single-Use Plastics. Story Continues After The Video. Most Ikea furniture will be accepted, excluding beds Ikea will accept furniture that’s gently used — that means anything […]


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