As a young man, Allen Hubbard worked in oil exploration and production on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Hubbard: “At the time, we thought we were being patriots, we were solving the energy crisis.” Hubbard had heard about global warming, but was not very concerned. Hubbard: “I thought, big deal, just the price of progress. So we change our dress code, maybe wear shorts.” But after working in the industry for 20 years, Hubbard went back to school for additional geology training. Then he worked for the rest of his career as an environmental consultant on oil remediation projects. Hubbard: “So I saw that there was a downside to all that oil and gas I was finding in my earlier time. I felt like I was part of the solution then, now I realize maybe I was part of the problem.” And as he started reading more about climate change, he became increasingly worried. Hubbard: “I really got alarmed over it and started thinking, ‘hey, wait, we have to do something.’” Now retired, Hubbard devotes his time to climate action. He’s a member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and advocates for a price on carbon. Hubbard: “This is a […]


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