© Element Compact but comfortable, this small home features clever small space design ideas and uses coffee grounds as fuel. For many people, waking up with a good cup of coffee is a well-entrenched early morning habit. But what might not be as widespread is reusing those coffee grounds — whether for making fabric , food or used as a biofuel . Now, there’s a tiny house that runs on discarded coffee grounds, thanks to a collaboration between Nashville, Tennessee-based luxury tiny house builder New Frontier ( previously ), Dunkin’ Donuts, actress Olivia Wilde and Blue Marble Biomaterials , a sustainable biochemical company. Here’s a short tour: The exterior has been clad with dark-stained cedar wood and Corten steel panels to allude to its coffee-inspired roots. Inside, the home is similar in feel to New Frontier’s Alpha tiny house , with a few minor layout reconfigurations and design input from Wilde. © Element In this coffee-powered, 275-square-foot home, there a sleeping loft, bathroom with a full whirlpool tub, a sizeable chef’s kitchen with energy-efficient appliances at one end, an underfloor compartment that hides a huge dining table that slides out, and a sunny dining nook that is surrounded by […]


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