Portable Electric provides an alternative to traditional generators; powered by solar panels, VOLTstack work well in emergency situations without a reliable power source. Portable Electric is a small Canadian company assisting with the rebuilding of homes in the Carolinas in the wake of storms Florence and Michael. It begs the question, why are more companies not using renewable sourcing of energy in storms instead of hefty generators? “They’ve never had an alternate solution to the incumbent 100-year-old technology. It just has not existed before,” Mark Rabin, the founder and CEO says. Founded in 2015, Portable Electric sells what its name suggests: portable, clean power stations. From working on film sets, the company is branching out to new real-life applications, helping this year with crisis relief. The Carolinas are suffering from some of the worst flooding in recent years. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and recent tropical storm Michael, huge swathes of the Carolinas coastline were underwater and without power. Vancouver-based Canadian company Portable Electric stepped in. Reports estimated that 286,600 North Carolinians were without power. The company is working with relief organizations including the Red Cross to see how they can help as the repair phase continues. Rae […]


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