Growing up, I was a math and science nerd who loved being outdoors. I had great teachers who encouraged me to explore engineering as a path for doing environmental work, and I got excited about renewable energy as a technological solution to climate change. So I went to Cornell to get an engineering degree. Once there, I was stunned by how few women were in the engineering program. In high school, there were tons of women in my calculus and science classes, and I just assumed that would continue through college. I got involved with the Society of Women Engineers, and promoting women in science and technology became a side passion of mine. I also went in thinking I was going to create some amazing new technology that would solve renewable energy issues. What I learned was that while there’s always room to improve, the technology was way farther along than I had thought. This made me wonder, if the technology is not what’s holding us back, then what is? After I graduated, I got a job with the Union of Concerned Scientists, working on renewable energy policy. There, too, I couldn’t help but notice that when it comes […]


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