Swedish automotive start-up Uniti’s first vehicle launch will be an "affordable" and fully electric car , which is scheduled to go into production in the UK by 2020. The vehicle, called Uniti One, has a host of innovative features including a connective and intuitive user interface, and will have high energy efficiency, with a 22 kilowatt hour battery that is estimated to power the vehicle for up to 186 miles (300 kilometres) on one charge. The cars will be built at a facility in Silverstone, which will be Uniti’s first production site in the world, and the first fully-digital electric vehicle production site in the UK. The fully electric car will produce at least 75 per cent less carbon – from manufacture to disposal – than ordinary cars, according to the manufacturer. In a bid to further lessen its environmental impact, it will be made from recyclable carbon fibre and organic composite materials. The eco-friendly city car will be built at the company’s pilot production plant at Silverstone Park – home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix – as soon as 2020. The plant will serve as a model for what is called "digital twinning", a technology organised […]


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