The government of Mexico added 10 species of parrotfish to its national registry of protected species in October. In a letter to the government, the environmental NGO AIDA argued that parrotfish and other herbivorous fish, whose numbers have been declining due to fishing, are necessary to maintain the health of coral reefs. AIDA has embarked on a three-year project to work with policymakers to protect herbivorous fish in Mexico and five other Latin American countries. Mexico protected 10 species of parrotfish in October, a move that conservationists say will help the country’s coral reefs recover, in addition to safeguarding the species’ numbers. “It’s really good news for Mexico,” María José González-Bernat, a marine biologist and scientific adviser to the Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense , said in an interview. A midnight parrotfish (Scarus coelestinus), one of the species now protected by the Mexican government. Image by Adona9 via Wikimedia Commons (CC 3.0). Known by the acronym for its name in Spanish, AIDA backed a proposal to the Mexican government from the Healthy Reefs Initiative to codify the legal protection of these 10 species, which argued that they are critical to robust and resilient coral reefs. The group has also […]


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