Tesla has delivered a new Powerpack system to Nova Innovation’s tidal power station in Scotland which makes it the “the world’s first grid-connected ‘baseload’ tidal power station.” The Nova Innovation site uses underwater turbines to produce electricity from the energy of tides. Tides are extremely predictable but they don’t produce energy all day. But these turbines in conjunction with the Tesla Powerpack means the excess energy from the tides can be delivered to where it is needed when the turbines aren’t producing. The system balances uneven power supply The system works in much the same way as it does when connected to wind farms, like Tesla’s foundation project in Jamestown in South Australia . That project which was released back in 2017 was installed to stabilize the grid of South Australia. Source: Tesla A southern state in Australia that had experienced major blackouts during extreme weather in 2016. Tesla won the contract to build the battery system in conjunction with French energy company Neoen nearby wind farm. SPONSORED VIDEO As part of the deal, Neoen has access to about 30 MW/ 90 MWh of the system’s capacity to trade on the open market while the rest is controlled by […]


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