© Baluchon This tiny home from France features a minimalist staircase and a cozy child’s bedroom. Many people have the mistaken impression that tiny houses can only fit a single person, or maybe a couple. Yet, many families all over the world are making the move to live fuller lives with less space and less stuff, granting them the financial and psychological freedom that’s hard to find when paying off a big mortgage. In France, tiny house builder Baluchon created this 6-metre (19.6-foot) long home for a young family of three. Nicknamed Vahalla , the home features the company’s signature design quirks , from the carefully coordinated exterior of red cedar and cerulean-and-white accents; to the porthole windows and the little child’s bedroom below the elevated living room. © Baluchon © Baluchon © Baluchon The interior is clad with spruce, lending a warm atmosphere. The home itself is insulated with a combination of wool, cotton, linen, hemp and wood fibre. The main living room space sits higher up, above what serves as the son’s cozy bedroom, complete with bed, storage and an operable window. The bedroom isn’t big, and obviously one has to crouch to get in, but it’s […]


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