Juliana Lam, founder and managing director of Julius Industries, is bringing sustainability into the traditional industry of manufacturing. Image: GGEF When Julius Industries’ founder and managing director Juliana Lam began serving only vegetarian food in her factory’s staff canteen on Mondays, there was outrage, horror and ridicule. Workers at her glove-making factory in Guangzhou accused her of being cheap, but when she showed them the company’s food purchasing costs, they were shocked to find that their free vegetarian lunch and dinner was more expensive than meat-based meals. “We had to tempt them [into adopting a sustainable diet by providing better food]. When they found out we were paying more, they were so surprised. Which dumb boss would pay more for healthier meals?” Lam recalls of the period after she had implemented the company’s sustainability programme. But over time, the 350-strong staff have begun to understand the positive health and environmental benefits from a vegetarian diet and are now asking for an additional day of vegetarian meals. “We’ve successfully tempted them and we’re changing people’s mentality,” Lam tells Eco-Business in an interview. Juliana Lam (far left) at a Green Monday event. Image: Julius Industries A more environmentally friendly diet is […]


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