Along with the launch of the Landmark Campaign, NCC also curated a pop-up art exhibit in Toronto called Nature and Me, held on September 27, 2018. It features photography from Jason Leo Bantle (shown above), and notable Canadians such as Cheryl Hickey, Jim Cuddy, Clara Hughes, and Rick Mercer, among others. Many Canadians are finding it harder to get outdoors, even though the vast majority say they feel better when they are connected to nature. That’s what a recent survey for the Nature Conservancy of Canada reveals. The online survey of 2,000 Canadian adults, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, found that nine out of 10 Canadians say they feel happier when they have a connection to nature. However, almost three quarters of respondents say they find it easier to spend time indoors, and two thirds say they spend less time in nature today than they did when they were younger. The importance of staying connected to the natural world is something that Cheryl Hickey understands very well. The host of Entertainment Tonight Canada is best known for her TV coverage of glitzy red carpet affairs, but she says she feels most at home in nature — something she traces […]


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