The young plaintiffs in the children’s climate lawsuit sued the federal government, saying its actions had contributed to climate change, and that that violated the children’s constitutional rights. Credit: Robin Loznak Two weeks after it put the case on hold, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday allowed a lawsuit brought by 21 children and young adults against the federal government over climate change to proceed. But the Trump administration’s attempts to derail the case likely aren’t over. In an order issued late Friday, the justices suggested that the government’s arguments ought to be considered by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals before being reviewed by the Supreme Court. The children’s attorneys said they were moving forward and hoped the trial, which had been scheduled to start on Oct. 29, could begin in district court in Oregon within days. “The youth of our nation won an important decision today from the Supreme Court that shows even the most powerful government in the world must follow the rules and process of litigation in our democracy,” said co-counsel Julia Olson, executive director of the nonprofit Our Children’s Trust. “We have asked the District Court for an immediate status conference to get Juliana […]


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