A waste collector in Indonesia segregating trash. The large informal waste collection sector in many developing economies in Asia is generally considered unbankable by financial institutions. Image: A handful of the world’s biggest consumer goods and chemical companies have pooled US$90 million into a fund to find solutions to plastic pollution in South and Southeast Asia. Beverage makers PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, consumer goods manufacturers Procter & Gamble and Unilever, food producer Danone, and chemical firm Dow will back the initiative led by investment management firm Circulate Capital, which made the announcement yesterday. With the exception of chemical giant Dow, all of these investors were highlighted as the world’s biggest plastic polluters in a report released by the Break Free from Plastic campaign at the beginning of the month. The aim of the fund is to remove capital as a “barrier to critical waste and recycling infrastructure development” and demonstrate that waste management is a rewarding sector for investment, said Rob Kaplan, founder and chief executive officer of Singapore-headquartered impact investment firm Circulate Capital, which will manage the funds. While we are working hard to ensure our packaging is designed to be circular, the reality is that it cannot be […]


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