Blue Hill chef and co-owner Dan Barber was recently asked about his views on the U.N.’s 2018 climate change report–and its recommendation that we need to reduce our meat consumption by drastic numbers to save the environment. His response? “I don’t buy it.” Speaking at the Fast Company Innovation Festival this week, Barber stressed that the problem isn’t necessarily how much meat we’re eating, but the fact that we eat so much meat from cows that are fed with soy and grain. “If you have a cow and put it on a grass-fed diet, you have a delicious burger, [and you also] cut down on carbon emission.” [Photo: Samir Abady for Fast Company] Barber, along with Sweetgreen’s cofounder Nic Jammet, are on a mission to change the way people think about producing and eating healthy food. The pair have teamed up to put Robin’s Koginut squash on Sweetgreen’s menu starting November 1, a bronze-colored vegetable that breeder Michael Mazourek–who is also the cofounder of Barber’s company Row 7– created and bred. As Fast Company ‘s Adele Peters previously reported , Row 7 selectively breeds vegetables “to prioritize flavor along with yield, storability, and disease resistance–making them easier to grow […]


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