Wind power has been doing quite well in the last few years. With reports finding the renewable energy is becoming ever more cost competitive in addition to being an environmental hero, wind energy has seen increasingly more farms built, and deals signed. An unexpected benefit Now, University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment professor Cristina Archer has discovered another unexpected benefit of large-scale offshore wind farms bound to make the installations even more popular. It turns out these eco-friendly energy producers may also lessen the often-devastating precipitations caused by hurricanes . Our simulations show that precipitation in Houston during Hurricane Harvey could have been reduced (-200 mm) with large offshore wind farms in the Gulf. Check out our new paper in Environmental Research Letters via @IOPscience — Cristina (@WindLady) August 9, 2018 In a university statement outlining the research’s details, Archer said that previous studies had illustrated the potential ability of offshore wind farms to harness the kinetic energy from hurricanes in order to reduce the effects of wind and storm surge. However, her study has now shown the farms can also decrease hurricane-related precipitation. Archer, who is also the Wind Power Associate Director of […]


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