Source: SodaStream SodaStream has long been leading the charge against plastic bottles . Through its compact carbonation system, the company encourages customers to make their own flavored sparkling water at home, saving families up to 3000 bottles per year. But now, SodaStream is removing plastic waste directly from the ocean with a new device. Dubbed the “Holy Turtle,” this 1,000-foot-long unit traps trash in the water, and it just completed a mission off the coast of Honduras. The Holy Turtle looks and functions similarly to the Ocean Cleanup system , which is currently en route to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Both devices feature large curved tubing that’s towed slowly into the water by a boat or boats. As they crawl through the ocean, they pick up plastic without disrupting nature. According to a press release, the Holy Turtle is “uniquely engineered to capture floating waste while its large vent holes act to protect wildlife.”


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