In back-to-back events this week, the billionaire launched projects to slow global warming and limit the damage it causes The answer to climate change? "Definitely innovation," said Bill Gates (Photo: Kjetil Ree/Wikipedia) The billionaire philanthropist known for his work on global health and development threw new weight and money behind efforts to limit global warming this week. In back-to-back events on Tuesday and Wednesday, Bill Gates launched a global commission to develop climate change adaptation measures and a European investment fund for clean energy innovation. Both initiatives are aimed at supporting investment in nascent and risky technologies. Climate news in your inbox? Sign up here The Global Commission on Adaptation will focus on managing the effects already linked to climate change, for example by developing a seed for subsistence farmers that can withstand more frequent droughts. Gates will lead the commission with former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon and World Bank chief executive Kristalina Georgieva. The Breakthrough Energy Europe initiative, creates an initial €100m joint investment fund for technologies such as battery storage and zero-emission manufacturing processes. Gates, who is chairman of the $1bn Breakthrough Energy Ventures, launched the fund with the European Commission on Wednesday. Together, they address […]


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