CC BY 2.0 oneiric wanderings The floating tidal stream turbine off the coast of Scotland has proven that it can produce electricity safely and cheaply year round. Of the various renewable energy sources, tidal and wave power get less attention and fewer investments than many others. This is because of the inherent risk of any energy generating technology that has to operate in the brutal environment of the sea. Between the wear and tear from waves, the corrosive nature of saltwater and the inaccessibility of something installed offshore, the odds are often stacked against a technology before it can really get started. So why do we keep trying? Because the potential energy from these sources could easily power the world if technologies are successful and seeing as a majority of the world’s population lives with 60 miles of a coast, it puts electricity close to where it will be used. A tidal power project called FloTEC believes that it has solved many of the problems that have faced the industry before. Its pilot SR2000 turbine is the most powerful tidal stream turbine to date and it has just finished a full year at sea continually generating electricity . The […]


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