Bloomberg Philanthropies is giving San Jose a grant to support the city’s climate action plan. Months after San Jose unveiled an ambitious plan to address climate change, the city is getting an injection of cash and other support to make it happen. On Wednesday, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced that San Jose has been accepted into a two-year program aimed at helping the nation’s 10th largest city meet its climate plan goals. The city plans to use the support to shift to sustainable transportation models and phase out the use of fossil fuels in buildings. “We’re going to move the needle in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a community,” Mayor Sam Liccardo said during a phone interview. The organization — which handles former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s charitable giving — will give San Jose and 19 other cities technical support, a philanthropy-funded team member, and training for senior leadership, among other things, to help develop and put into effect environmentally friendly policies. In San Jose, Liccardo wants to start an electric car pilot program aimed at people with modest incomes, among other projects. “You don’t need to drive a Tesla to enjoy the green dividend,” Liccardo said. He also […]


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