Petroleum dealer Total Kenya is installing solar panels at its petrol stations for own use to ease its power bills burden. The oil dealer has started mounting panels on the rooftop of its forecourt buildings in Nairobi, along with convenience stores (bonjour shops). It has 200 petrol stations around the country. We have installed so far at about four petrol stations around Nairobi with the exercise ongoing Total, which is making a bullish foray into solar energy space, is also selling home solar kits for customers in remote off-grid areas for lighting and powering small appliances. The oil marketer joins a growing list of companies that have set up solar powered stations for own use to slash power costs, a trend that has the impact of stirring the revenue stream of electricity distributor Kenya Power. Several manufacturers and shopping malls have cut reliance on power from the national grid, with their daytime operations being powered by solar plants perched on rooftops of their buildings and carports. Kenya Power’s supply has been limited to mostly nighttime operations and during brief periods when sunlight drops. This solar-led cost-cutting drive has the impact of narrowing Kenya Power’s revenue flow by billions of […]


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