Cody Friesen, CEO of Zero Mass Water. Zero Mass Water Zero Mass Water makes solar panel arrays that pull clean drinking water from the air. The $4,500 arrays launched in the United States in late 2017. Now they’re expanding to Australia thanks to a $420,000 grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Zero Mass arrays could come in handy in areas where water sources are far away or scarce. Some homeowners have purchased arrays as an alternative to plastic water bottles. Around the world, approximately 2.1 billion people do not have immediate access to clean drinking water. A startup called Zero Mass Water aims to make clean water easily accessible to more people around the world. In 2015, it launched its first product, Source — a solar panel array that harvests and filters water from vapor in the air. The company has installed the devices in 11 countries, including Chile, Jordan, Peru , and the US, where it became available in late 2017. Now, Source is adding Australia to that list, according to Digital Trends. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) granted Zero Mass $420,000 to install 150 Source hydropanels in several cities, including Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide. Each […]


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