Yes, this electric Cigarette is not for smoking, not mass produced, and not “affordable” for most people. However, it is one heck of an electric performance beast that shows how the electric drivetrain continues to disrupt the gasoline-based racing humdrum. Cigarette Can’t Wait For The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Supersports Vehicle, Builds Its Own After more than a decade of electric racing on land, sea, and now air, I never tire of seeing electric drivetrains advance into what were once gasoline-only sports. Remember how many laughed, snickered, and downright put down electric vehicles years ago without having driven one? Thankfully, those years are somewhat behind us and a 2,200 hp (1656 kW) electric Cigarette is yet another assault and proof that nothing can stop an electric motor, so far. “Two independent powertrains: they are symmetrically mounted on the left and right side. Each of the two powertrains has 6 compact permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors with a maximum power of 185 hp (138 kW) and maximum torque of 184 ft∙lb (250 Nm) each; so the boat provides a combined maximum output of 2220 hp (1656 kW) and maximum torque of 2213 ft∙lb (3000 Nm).The electric motors are taken from the SLS […]


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