As we revealed last week, transport pollution in Australia is soaring but despite the absence of any federal government measures to limit that pollution there is a way – local councils are stepping up with innovative measures to make our air cleaner. A report released on Monday by Cities Power Partnership (CPP), Australia’s largest local government climate network, shows that local councils can – and must – be a driving force in reducing transport pollution. Examples of successful schemes already up and running include solar electric buses in Adelaide as part of the city’s transport network. Since last year Precision Buses has designed, engineered and built the buses in Adelaide and they’ve just signed a deal for 50 more to be used in New South Wales Queensland and Victoria. This will increase employees at the factory from 29 to 79. The ACT Government is on track to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2020, and has a target to reach net zero emissions before 2050. With transport a key source of greenhouse gas pollution in the ACT, the Government has released an action plan to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas pollution from vehicles as well as encouraging people to walk, cycle […]


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