CC BY 2.0 zeevveez Finally, one nation is taking firm, clear action toward going plastic-free. In a few years’ time, travellers to Taiwan will want to pack more than clothes and a passport; they should take along a refillable water bottle, shopping bag, and stainless steel drinking straw. The country has just announced an impressive ban on all single-use plastics, starting in 2030. Once that ban takes effect, many items that are currently handed out for free will no longer be available, from plastic grocery bags and disposable beverage cups to takeout food containers and plastic straws. To prepare citizens for the change, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has laid out a clear road map. Starting next year, chain restaurants will stop providing straws for in-store use. By 2020, that will extend to all dining establishments. The Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reports , "Free plastic shopping bags, disposable food containers and disposable utensils will also be banned in 2020 from all retail stores that issue uniform invoices – widely used in Taiwan. Additional fees will also be imposed in 2025." All of these steps will lead to the outright ban in 2030, at which point residents will be […]


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