In the not-too-distant future, your local gas station may have chargers for electric cars near the gas pumps. Gilbarco Veeder-Root –one of the largest suppliers of fuel dispensers to gas stations–just invested in Tritium , an electric vehicle charging company. In part, it’s a response to quickly growing demand. “Even Tesla is facing challenges now with the introduction of the Model 3 and the number of vehicles rising quite dramatically–just not having enough charging bays,” says David Finn, Tritium’s CEO and founder. “How do you fulfill that going forward?” More electric cars sold in the U.S. in 2017 than ever before, and 2018 is on track to break that record. Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling car, by revenue , in the country. In China last year, drivers bought nearly four times more electric cars than U.S. drivers. In Norway, electric cars and hybrids made up more than half of all vehicle sales. Overall, 40% of Europeans say their next car will be electric. [Image: Tritium] Still, despite the growth, electric cars only make up a fraction of a percent of all passenger cars worldwide. Less than half of Americans, as of a 2017 survey , could name a […]


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